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  • Shrympee
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(Original Colour).

The Chung //

'Shrympee Original Color' by artist David Chung.

"For ages now, Shrympees have been regarded as a delicacy sent from the gods that only royalty had the privilege of eating. To be handled or consumed by those who were unworthy was considered a crime punishable by death. Today, thousands of Shrympees have been plucked from the oceans and conveniently packaged so that YOU too can have a taste of its magnificent meat. Eat like a king and enjoy the taste of Shrympees in a variety of exciting flavors!! Available now is the Original Color. Get them now before they become extinct!"

Measures approx 3" long from head to tail and is limited to only 250 pieces worldwide. Comes in a brand new unopened styrofoam bowl nestled in paper ramen noodles!

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