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Who We Are?

Concrete Sketchbook is a reflection of art born from the urban playground. A place where the creative 'kids' cut their teeth.

In its most obvious form is the graffiti that adorns the seas of horizontal concrete canvas in our cities, but CS is about a lot more. It is about the whole subculture spawned by artists reacting to the pleasures and pains of our built environment: art on posters, flyers, stickers, skateboards, clothing, toys, furniture and's about the constantly evolving creative gems that can be seen glistening in the cracks of our day to day inner-city adventures... as boundaries between street and gallery collide!

CS founder Stuart Melrose is an avid collector of graphic delights that he has found around the planet to brighten up his own concrete cave. A desire to share his favourites with the world has led him to develop Concrete Sketchbook the store. The result is a well-curated one-stop-shop for a mind-blowing myriad of art objects, prints and original pieces for the casual gift buyer and obsessive collector alike.

Stuart will still probably go on to be the biggest customer but promises to leave a few treats on the virtual shelves to excite others interested in having something that simply makes their environment smile!!

Meet The Team!

Stuart Melrose

Stuart Melrose!

Stuart Melrose is the founder and co-owner of Concrete Sketchbook. Part sea lion and able to sneeze fire Stuart is still probably better known for his farm fresh furniture. Setting up Stuart Melrose™ in 2008 Stuart has been delighting his customers as well as the world's design media and featuring in some of the most prestigious design shows along with his own solo events. Creating new pieces all the time you are going to be seeing a lot more of his creative and colourful furniture/sculpture... including ranges specifically for Concrete Sketchbook.

Kev Munday

Kev Munday!

Co-Owner of Concrete Sketchbook Kev Munday has been scribbling on everything in his reach from an early age. He's exhibited his art worldwide and worked for brands including Walt Disney, Graham & Brown and Monster Energy. Constantly producing new pieces including ranges exclusive to Concrete Sketchbook, Kev Munday is looking forward to many more years of watching paint dry.



Droog79 is the alter-ego of a salty-faced, suburbia-fleeing, inky-fingered, board-propelled artist, illustrator, designer and lawn bowls aficionado. Droogs weird and wandering work via ink, paint, pixels, words or just a line in the sand has festooned walls, bodies, beaches, posters, windows, shopfronts, skate and surfboards, phones, laptops, canvas, clothing and publications from Milton Keynes to Mexico.

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