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Stephen Mangan & Grayson Perry at the National Youth Arts Trust

Our very own bigtime shmoozers ;) Stuart Melrose and Kev Munday got the chance to meet Stephen Mangan and Grayson Perry as they auctioned off and raffled an illuskate table and 2 deckchairs for the National Youth Arts Trust. (what legends they both are as well.)(Stephen and Grayson that is, Stuart and Kev are bumbling numpties)xx

stuart melrose kev munday stephen mangan grason perry

The illuskate went as a prize in the raffle and 2 Deckchair artist (kev Munday) signed prototypes went for £2000 and one of Kevs beautiful original pieces of art also went for £2000. The guys were chuffed!! Grayson also donated one of his gorgeous/slightly crazy plates which raised a fortune for the Trust.


kev at the concrete sketchbook grayson perry

The event was held at the Brunner showroom in London and was packed out by some cool and merry folk who donated freely to the most worthy cause!


Illuskate tables feature in Elle Decor....darling!!

Stuart Melrose's illuskate tables featured Elle Decor don't you know! Oooohhh! Snap them up while you can!

Elle Decor Baby

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