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James attended Stroud college for 3 years and specialised in Illustration & Graphic design until his final year, 2006. He has since continued creating his artworks for himself at home.

He works with wooden boards, tin cans, card, pottery, shoes, t-shirts, and often spraypaints his own stencil designs and collages elements he has illustrated. Images that frequently appear are monsters, robots, unique cartoons and text.

My philosophy: I am inspired by music, gig posters, art/punk rock imagery, fashion, outsider art, pop art, abstract expressionism, horror vacui art, street art/graffiti stencil making, stickers, print. and sweets.

Sometimes inspiration comes from mistakes or happy accidents. The images often make themselves apparent when I start painting as if they'd always meant to be that way. I believe in trying everything as I believe something great is sure to come of it.

My work is presented on a material which is already available from the throw-away world we live in.

If you like its a poor man's art.

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