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Nzie is firstly an accomplished graffiti writer and secondly an illustrator and street artist from Basingstoke. He originally learned his trade 15 years ago on the streets and on trains as a youngster with the notorious TSC gang. Since his arrest in 2002 for 'conspiracy to commit criminal damage' his ensuing career has been nourished and influenced by extensive travelling to meet and paint with his peers.

Nzie demonstrates that traditional graffiti can be as technical and strong as modern 3D lettering, wildstyles and characters. His focus is to create fun, high impact styles and strong colours schemes to reflect his history as a graffiti writer. Learning his trade on the streets and in train yards has taught him to be bold, adventurous and to paint without fear. His bold individual letter styles are the focal point in the majority of his paintings but he is also well known for painting sceneries and comic style characters with anything ranging from pin up girls to super heroes and villains making him a versatile artist.

As a mural specialist, Nzie runs the company Idle Cans Ltd which promotes the positive side of graffiti through artworks, large scale murals and workshops. Nzie and Idle Cans are looking forward to adding colour to grey and dreary spaces for many more years to come.

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