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The Chung.

Like a sledgehammer to your funny bone, The Chung!! uses his unique brand of off-beat humor to examine the inevitable misfortunes and disappointments that accompany all of our lives and finds a glimmering ray of light therein. His work reminds us to step back, stop taking ourselves so seriously, and use the moment to laugh at our failures, because after all, feeling sorry for ourselves never got anyone anywhere.

David Chung, affectionately known as The Chung!!, lives in Los Angeles yet works out of some dark, strange corner of the human imagination that the rest of us generally knows to stay away from. His artwork, filled with humor and awkwardness, is a sort of catharsis for the moments of humiliation which inevitably stain all of our lives.

The Chung!! has shown in galleries all over Los Angeles, New York, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and parts of Europe. He currently works full time during the day as a Background Designer for Nickelodeon and a fine artist by night.
~WWA Gallery

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