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Bill Thorpe.

From growing up around the graffiti scene throughout his school years and into University, Dirty30 started off by performing in live art battles called Secret wars,

From completing his studies he worked in graphic design, but due to the recession the worked dried up and was forced to do small jobs to pay the rent, it was only then he realized he did not want to not lose heart but to pursue a career in a fine art.

His work started character based, with heavy weighted lines against thinner ones with spray paint, paint pens and oil as a medium.

he worked for cleaning firms scrubbing floors for hours on end during that time he took the composition of the dirty floors with the scuff marks ect, and obtained a whole new loose movement,

From this he began to show work in exhibitions around the country, along big names such as Weapon of choice, Banksy, D-face and many more.

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